Getting murdered in North City


Last week, I made a post which analyzed our most often used excuse when it comes to our place on the “Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities” list. The excuse goes something like this: Our place on this list is inaccurate due to the fact that most of our safe residential neighborhoods aren’t recognized as being part of the city, despite the fact that they are demographically similar and geographically adjacent to the city proper. This skews the numbers negatively. Continue reading “Getting murdered in North City”

Looking at the data: Is St. Louis really that dangerous?

A size comparison between St. Louis and Indianapolis

If you have lived in St. Louis for any length of time, you’ll be familiar with the “Top 10 most dangerous Cities” lists that are perennially reported on by the Post Dispatch in their never ending quest to harvest our clicks. It’s always a sure bet that this list will stir up argument in the r/stlouis subreddit, and I’ve read through enough of those threads that I can narrow them down into two main arguments:

Continue reading “Looking at the data: Is St. Louis really that dangerous?”